Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doula and why should I hire one?

A birth doula provides emotional and physical support to a birthing person before, during and after birth.  A doula provides guidance, support and advocacy of the birther.  Doulas can provide coaching throughout the birth process, provide clients with educational resources, emotional support, physical touch (specifically during labor), provide support to the birther’s partner and provide postpartum care. There have been many scientific trails examining doula care and how it improves the physical and psychological outcomes for both birther and baby.

When do I contact a Doula?

This answer varies from person to person.  Those who like to plan, may want to start looking for a doula as soon as they find out they are expecting. Others may want to start interviewing doulas in their second trimester (13-26 weeks), while some individuals may not hire a doula until a few weeks prior to birth. Whatever feels right and comfortable to each birther.

What can Doulas offer?

-Emotional support

-Physical support 

-Comfort measures

-Educational materials

-Birth support

-Postpartum support

-Provide facts

-Actively listens 

-Fully accepts the birthing individual’s plans and choices

-Provide local community resources if needed

-Accepting and non-judgmental

What can't Doulas offer?

-Clinical advice

-Medical treatment

-Push personal agenda

-Opinions and judgments

-Make decisions for you and your family

-Promise a specific outcome of the birth experience