My Own Birth Experiences

I had our daughter in 2013 after pushing for 3.5 hours. I was exhausted and honestly did not think it was possible to push for that long. But luckily, I delivered a healthy baby girl. I struggled with nursing her, and the staff were encouraging and respectful of my needs, concerns and frustrations. The staff listened to me, let me be emotional (crazy hormones) and I could tell they wanted what was the best for my baby and me. Then... ‚Äč I had our son in 2015, after I experienced a miscarriage earlier in the year. My water broke 4 weeks early and after roughly 23 hours in labor, I delivered a healthy baby boy. I told the staff that I struggled with nursing my daughter and would probably struggle this time too. However, this birth experience felt extremely negative for me. I did not feel as though staff listened to me or my concerns, I did not feel respected, I felt judged because I wanted to rest after running on 2 hours of sleep in a 48-hour period, and they questioned my mental state.

I share these experiences to highlight the differences of each birth. Both times I brought babies into this world, but the two experiences were night and day. Looking back, if someone such as a doula were at my side, cheering me on, respecting my wishes, and advocating when I started to feel defeated, maybe my second birth experience might have gone differently. These memories will remain with me forever, both positive and negative. I have always been a big believer that women are incredibly strong and are survivors. Each person deserves someone to encourage and support them. We remember the ups and downs of our pregnancies and how we are treated matters!